Awards in New York, London & Stockholm but was it worth it ?

Last week Mynewsdesk’s “Give a Beep” campaign was again showered with awards, this time in Stockholm.

The campaign that was part of Mynewsdesk’s 100 Million Challenge and was created for our client Hövding which aimed to prove that using innovative communications technology and a creative approach to storytelling, reaching the right people at the right time, that any brand could reach 100 million people. Our superb creative agency partner on this project was Edelman Deportivo.


So over the last few months this campaign has received 8 awards in New York, London and Stockholm.

D&AD & Advertising Week (New York)

  • Impact Award

The Drum – Marketing can Change the World Awards (London)

  • Innovation of the Year
  • Best use of Technology
  • Chairman’s Award

Spinn Gala (Stockholm)

  • Best Digital Campaign of 2016
  • Most Innovative Campaign of 2016
  • Silver – Best PR campaign of 2016

100 Wattaren (Stockholm)

  • 75 Wattaren New Thinking in 2016

If you want to find out why our industry peers were so taken with this campaign take a look at the case film.


So Mynewsdesk and Edelman Deportivo have been lauded by their industry peers for their creativity and innovative use of technology but what I wanted to address in this post is the often asked question;  Apart for the awards what has this campaign actually achieved in terms of business objectives. That is probably the most important question for me and many others as a CMO.

Forgive me, but I have always been a cynic when it comes to marketing and communications awards. Having been in the industry for a few years now I have often seen these events as champagne fuelled dinners that serve as a marketing tactic for agencies and an exercise in boosting the ego of individuals and organisations that quite frankly could do with a dose of humility for time to time.

However as a historic awards cynic my attitude is changing because I see that the awards are simply a recognition of what you have achieved and as long as that is clearly understood by both client and agency then everyone deserves a glass of champagne.

Here is what I believed we achieved with the 100 Million Challenge and Give a Beep campaign.  


Even in a world of increasing automation and data which should drive every marketing organisation, creativity should still form the foundation of your success. Truly connecting with people, when and where they want to, in the age of the attention economy means marketers will need to continue to use creative storytelling across existing and new channels. The risk taken with the 100 Million Campaign and the creative story telling and use of the actual end target audience to give unique legitimacy to the “Give a Beep” campaign was truly creative.      


We are living in an ever more commoditised world. In many industries the chances are your competitor has a similar product, organisation and uses similar digital assets and marketing channels to you.

The question is how do you stand out and differentiate your product or service from the competition.

100 Million Challenge and Give a Beep enabled us to differentiate in several ways. By putting  our customer(s) – Hövding first, by putting our own product / technology to the test and succeeding and by providing thought leadership and a good example of innovative communications – a do as we do approach as opposed to a do as we tell you approach followed by most vendors in our industry.    

Living Your Purpose

Mynewsdesk’s core purpose is to release the full power of stories to inspire and spark positive change. This is exactly what we were looking for as part of the 100 Million Challenge and exactly what we did with the “Give a Beep” campaign.

I have written many times about the growing importance of Purpose in marketing but where I see most companies failing right now is going to agencies and ordering “purpose driven” campaigns without having truly found the purpose of their business first. Start there and focus on the fact we have moved beyond economic, functional and emotional benefits to a world where customers want to see what you are contributing to society, not just your shareholders.  


The growth of every business is dependent on the talent it can attract to work for it as both employees and partners. In order to motivate, retain, grow and develop your people you need to push boundaries, take risks and at times give them projects that are stretching their capabilities.

What was pleasing with the 100 million / Give a Beep campaign is that is was one true team effort where everybody grew and developed. We were fortunate to work alongside the creative powerhouse that is Edelman Deportivo whose role I see is to stretch our boundaries in terms of creativity and deliver sharp execution.

Their skills together with the impressive capabilities we now have across marcoms, content, product and demand generation marketing meant we were able to utilise the campaign across all assets, platforms and channels.

Data & ROI

But forget the media coverage, awards and warm and fuzzy stuff … what quantifiable ROI did you actually get on the campaign itself, I hear you ask.

For any of you that are in a marketing leadership position you will know that exact marketing attribution to a single activity is a challenging task, particularly in the B2B world. There is no single silver bullet in a world of multi touch attribution where all campaigns and content should form part of an integrated customer journey. But that being said here’s what the data says. In the time we have been running the campaign:

  • 300 + leads were generated in companies applying to take part in the 100 million Challenge
  • 400 + leads were created through a webinar around the campaign execution
  • 3,000 + leads and customers were introduced to 100 Million / Give a Beep as a central content platform at 8 events in 4 countries
  • 100%+ increase in lead generation compared to same period last year
  • 40% + increase in sales pipeline compared to same period last year
  • 33% + increase in new business closed compared to same period last year   

So thats both the soft and hard analysis and facts about one of the most successful campaigns Mynewsdesk has ever executed.  

Even in a world driven by data and performance marketing where we hunt and try to optimise relevant behaviour in the digital world I think every marketing leader has in the back on their minds the words of the US marketing innovator John Wannamaker when he said,

Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half.”

Marketing priorities and activities will always divide opinion but all I do know is that in this case the investment we made has enabled us to display creativity, differentiation, enabled us to deliver on our core purpose, inspired and stretched our talent and delivered very strong and tangible business results. I am damn proud of our team and couldn’t ask for much more.

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