Mynewsdesk are Adweek Winners – It’s What You Do Not What You Say that Matters


Last night in New York, Mynewsdesk together with our client Hövding and our agency Edelman Deportivo were awarded the D&AD and Advertising Week Impact award for creativity that makes a difference. This is the story behind that campaign.

It’s a real privilege for me to lead a team of super talented individuals who are driven by Mynewsdesk’s vision to create a world where no story goes untold or unheard. The core purpose of what we do or in Simon Sinek speak “our why” is to release the full power of stories to inspire and spark positive change.

It’s with this philosophy in mind combined with our wish to put purpose, customers and our employees at the centre of both our marketing strategy and execution that we set about creating this campaign.

Last year we had seen the power of purpose driven story telling in action when we won awards for Sweden’s best B2B PR campaign and Content marketing campaign with MynewsdeskNow, highlighting digital alienation in the elderly at the annual Spinn Galan awards. But this year we wanted to take things to a new level.

When we sat down with our creative partners at Edelman Deportivo at the end of last year we discussed our desire to create a campaign that would answer two questions. How could we put our vision and core purpose into action and how could we challenge our clients to use the digital PR platform we provide in a much more powerful and impactful way than many do today.

And so the 100 million Challenge campaign was born. Without knowing the client or the story we committed to reaching 100 million people through earned and owned media by using the technology Mynewsdesk provides and a creative and purpose driven storytelling approach.

We received over 300 plus applications to take challenge and decided to run the campaign for our client Hövding, an innovative Swedish startup who invented and manufactures the first airbag for cyclists.

It all Starts With Objectives

Looking at the organisational objectives Hövding had around raising awareness of the company as a spokesperson for cycling safety, driving international growth and advocating cycling safety and the need for better road infrastructure in major cities a set of communications objectives were developed.

  • Reach 100 million people via earned media to create awareness of poor road infrastructure in London and emphasise the need for improved cycling safety.
  • Get the support from the highest level of local government
  • Create a grassroots initiative

Along with this, clear target audiences, a strategy and aligned implementation plan were created. This centred around using innovative technology to re-invent a digital version of the bicycle bell, developing a partnership with the grass roots organisation, The London Cycling campaign who helped distribute the bell and created unique legitimacy for the campaign. For those of you wanting to dive deep into the campaign planning and measurements take a look at the presentation below.


Using PR Tech to Tell a Story and Reach Out

At the centre of the the story telling and campaign efforts was Hövding’s Mynewsdesk digital PR platform.  Previously the company had like many organisations just used their newsroom for product and corporate announcements and traditional media relations. Now however we had created a purpose driven story to tell and increased the content creation activities in terms of news releases, blog posts and in particular images and video’s around the campaigns activities. The network functionality was used extensively for the global media and influencer outreach which was a central part of the campaigns success and analytics were used to measure and improve all activities as the campaign progressed.

This lead to a 279% increase in newsroom views during the campaign period and in addition to the campaign site and realtime data map created a strong owned media presence for all interested stakeholders to follow.

Its What You Do Not What you Say That Matters

So we won an award at New Yorks Advertising week … yippee. But I have been in the marketing and communications game for too long now to celebrate or cherish every award that comes our way. Call me cynical. What makes this award special though is it focuses on creativity and technology that makes a difference.

I believe that today it is much more important what a company does than the products, services or profits it creates. If you want to be successful in marketing, communications and ultimately business you will need to find your purpose and embrace it.

For Hövding we have put the awareness of cycling safety and their role as a key spokesperson on this issue on a global stage. Additionally, using the data from the campaign we have received confirmation from the London Majors office that they will be using this data to make further improvements to cycling safety in London and sharing that experience with other cities around the world who have expressed an interest to run a similar campaign on their streets. This will hopefully reduce the amount of accidents and deaths on the roads of London and other cities around the world in the months and years ahead.

Most important for me though is through this experience Mynewsdesk has put it’s core purpose into action. We have released the full power of stories to inspire and spark positive change. All that remains for me to do is thank Hövding, our creative partners at Edelman Deportivo and the wonderful Mynewsdesk marketing team for making this happen.

Now time for some champagne. I may be cynical but the old “mad man” inside me needs to be fuelled. I only hope this inspires you to go find your purpose and empower it. Good luck.




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