Hello Sinch … I won’t be joining CLX

I won’t be joining CLX Communications after all. Today, the team at CLX has launched a new brand to unify all its products and services under one roof … that name is Sinch.


If you can’t be bothered to read on, have a watch of me talking about this from a very windy but sunny Stockholm.

Although the brand, visuals and corporate identity are new, the CLX Communications team have used the Sinch brand name for its real-time voice and video products since the acquisition of Sinch AB in December 2016. Products that were previously marketed under the CLX, Symsoft, Sinch, and Vehicle brands are now integrated into a unified offering.

Here’s what my new boss Oscar Werner, CEO of Sinch, had to say about the launch of the rebrand.

We are redefining how businesses engage with their customers through cloud-based tools and mobile technology. We want our brand to expose the full width of our product portfolio and our market-leading expertise at the intersection of tech and telecoms

One of the reasons I agreed to joining Sinch as their Chief Marketing Officer at the end of April was the huge potential in this market with this awesome technology and customer base.

One of the challenges I didn’t look forward to however was building the CLX Communications brand … it just doesn’t trip off your tongue.

Well, long before I turn up and can take any credit, the team has fixed that for me and changed the companies name … what a relief.

In the ten years since it was founded, Sinch has grown in to a global leader in cloud communications with nearly 4 billion SEK in revenues, EBITDA well above 300 million SEK and more than 500 employees across the globe. It is the third largest technology company on the NASDAQ Stockholm.

The company offers a cloud-based platform for mobile messaging, voice and video to enterprise customers and channel partners, and is an established vendor of communications-related software to mobile operators across the globe.

Many of the world’s most demanding businesses rely on its technology for business-critical communications with their customers, including six of the ten largest U.S. tech companies.

If you want an intelligent take on what Sinch is all about take a look at one of our founder’s, Robert Gerstmann talk about the business and it’s technology.

So what now? The announcement is made, the brand book and website are live but the brand has just been born.

There are many definitions about what a brand is but to me it is the sum of all the touch points an employee, customer, investor or any other stakeholder has with a company, product or service.

I have had some success and a fare share of failures at building brands but I really want to know what you think.

Sinch … do you like it … do you hate it … what does it mean to you? Really keen on hearing from all former CLX / Symsoft / Vehicle employees who are now part of Team Sinch. Your voice will be crucial in how we build this brand going forward as you are the brand.

Also keen on hearing from all those great brand builders I have in my network. Those with the best ideas in the comments section below I will shout for coffee, drinks, lunch, dinner over the next few months.

Building a new brand in a global and competitive market is not easy but it is a lot of fun and the opportunities are endless. Together we will build one of the strongest brands in cloud communications. Question is how? Over to you.

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