Excited to Join The CLX Team

I am excited to announce that I have agreed to join CLX Communications as Chief Marketing Officer. My first day on the job will be at the end of April but I wanted to share why I am so excited to take on this new challenge.

If you have given up reading blog posts then just watch the video below. If you want a more thoughtful analysis read on.

Competing on Customer Experience

 Having worked in the the SaaS world for as long as I can remember and having sold to, marketed to and supported companies of all sizes – one thing has struck me. All organizations are constantly asking themselves the question, “How can we win?”.

For decades the answer to that question was to follow a pricing, product differentiation or lately “blue ocean” or innovation strategy. However, what has become clear in my eyes is that due to the globalization and the digital transformation of business it is becoming harder and harder to compete on either price and product differentiation.

There will always be someone cheaper and even if you think your product is unique and differentiated it won’t stay that way for long.

The one area companies of all shapes and sizes can compete and win is by innovating and improving their customer experience. Using both the power of their people and the latest technology the companies that have and are reshaping customer journeys to meet the pains and demands of today’s customer will be the ones that succeed.

This is exactly what CLX has been doing since it was founded in 2008 in Stockholm. Providing innovative and market leading messaging technology to some of the world’s largest technology companies and telecom operators to help them in their mission to become leaders in their industries. Today 8 out of the top 10 global technology companies rely on CLX technology to support their winning and personalized customer experiences.

Messaging & CPaaS is Exploding 

Over the last decade CLX has developed a leadership position in the A2P (Application to Person) messaging market globally.

This fragmented market which is rapidly evolving includes messaging, voice and video and is worth approximately $30 billion. Key drivers for future growth in this market will likely include rising demand for personalization, new richer messaging formats (RCS), an ever increasing number of channels and the fact that messages are now no longer one way but often just the start of a conversation.

CLX are well placed to build on their leadership position in this market and continue taking advantage of the evolution of the messaging market towards a platform game in the form of CPaaS.

CPaaS stands for “Communications Platform as a Service” and is essentially a cloud based platform that enables developers and other customer journey experts to add real-time communications features such as voice, video and messaging into their own applications without needing to build backend infrastructure and interfaces.

The CPaaS market is still in its infancy but depending on which analyst firm you believe this market is set to explode rapidly over the coming years with an annual growth rate over 35% and a market size which will be somewhere between $6b – $8b by 2022. CLX will continue to be a leader in this market as it grows.

Amazing People & Products

So CLX is solving a real pain in a market which is growing rapidly. That’s good news but not the compelling reason why I am joining the company.

At all technology companies I have worked for, it is the people and the products that they build, market, sell and support which are at the heart of the success of the business.

I have only had the opportunity to meet a few of the hundreds of people on the CLX team but everyone I have met has been super nice, super humble and had that glint in their eye which says – there is so much undiscovered opportunity here, you would be mad not to jump on this rocket ship.

Through CLX’s organic R&D efforts and their determined M&A agenda over recent years they have a market leading portfolio of products which are used by both the worlds leading technology companies, telecom operators and many enterprises who are transforming and personalizing their customer experiences in order to grow.

In my eyes there are no better products in the live voice and video calling game. Add to that CLX’s number masking technology, used by some of the world’s leading ride hailing companies that will have so many more user cases in companies of all types as both privacy and financial integrity become important for all. And in terms of software for mobile operators, the Symsoft offering is unbeatable.

I look forward to building a marketing organization and a brand that is worthy of those people, those products and those customers that are already are part CLX journey. And I am even more excited to build a marketing machine for all the employees and customers that will join us over the coming years as we grow this company and ensure everyone is a winner in the customer experience game.



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